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Myself Dr. Manjeet Kour Arora I Can Describe my self as “I am eager to learn.” “I am determined.” “I never give up until I get something right.” “I get on well with all kinds of people.” “I like to keep a positive attitude.” “Hard work doesn’t bother me. I actually like it.” “I enjoy facing challenges.” “I like everything I do to be well-organized.” f I summed it up into a single word I would say: Pragmatist I try to do the best that I can in the current situation. Sometimes that means a lot more that other Professors when my standards are higher. Sometimes less when I don't have enough time or when things go wrong (I teach with different methods.) I try to do a lot of things: I try to make my lessons as real and relevant as possible. I try to explain why we are doing things and what this leads to. I try to be cutting edge with technology. I try to make lesson fun and engaging. I try to help my students get the highest grades possible. I try to respect and listen to my students. My two biggest weaknesses are: I can very less relate to low ability students. I always learn things quickly. I have strategies to help them but I know other people are better at supporting these students than I am. I need to be more strict with younger students.

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Project Details



  1. Awarded as “Young Scientist” in national seminar at  Mgm college itarsi (m.p)2018
  2. Invited as Resouce person, guest and speaker in one day symposium “tools and techniques in molecular biology and diagnostics at Department of Botany,Zoology, Biotechnology and Microbiology at MGM college Itarsi on 28th march 2019.
  3. Awarded as “International Scientific researcher with Higher Potential’ in International Conference at D.P.Chaturvedi Arts ,Commerce, Science and Education College Seoni (M.P.) by IC-ECBSRM,IC-ECBSRM,IC-ECBSRM and IC-ECBSRM- 2019 on 17th and 18th march 2019.
  4. Invited as Resouce person, guest and speaker in International conference at D.P.Chaturvedi Arts ,Commerce, Science and Education College Seoni (M.P.) by IC-ECBSRM,IC-ECBSRM,IC-ECBSRM and IC-ECBSRM- 2019 on 17th and 18th march 2019.
  5. Awarded as “Distinguished faculty’ Award in International Academy of Science and Research Kolkata International felicitation at S.B.E.S College of Science Aurangabad , Maharashtra on 29th july 2019.
  6. Awardd with “life time membership” of International Academy of Science and Research Kolkata, India International felicitation at S.B.E.S College of Science Aurangabad , Maharashtra on 29th july 2019.
  7. Awarded as “Professor with excellence in teaching in Higher education” in Internatioa conference at Mahatama Gandhi PG College ,Kareli Narsinghpur (M.P)by IC-EBCSRMMI-2020 and IC-BCSRMMI-2020 on 28th and 29th February 2020.
  8. Invited as Resouce person, guest and speaker in International conference at Mahatama Gandhi PG College ,Kareli Narsinghpur (M.P)by IC-EBCSRMMI-2020 and IC-BCSRMMI-2020 on 28th and 29th February 2020.
  9. Attended refresher course in Life science of 22 days in ASC DAVV in February 2013

Achievement uring covid 19

  1. Complete a certificate online course on COVID-19 Operational Planning Guidelines and Covid – 19 Partners Plateform to support country Preparedness and response.Organised by World Health Organization on 24th March 2020
  2. A paper “Covid -19 “Disease symptoms and control measures “ in European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research”is Accepted for April month on 04/04/2020.
  3. Participated and completed a certificate course on eProtect Respiratory Infections(EN).organised by World Health Organization on 10th April 2020
  4. Participated in infection prevention an control (IPC)for Novel corona virus  organized by World Health organization (WHO) on 10th april 2020.
  5. Got Certificate from My Governement Stay at home Save life, For Pledge.
  6. Become life member in Indian Academic Researchers Association,Tiruchirappalli,Tamil nadu 620021.
  7. Completed a 15 days  online course for college teachers ,Professional Development.=, Research Methodology for PhD. Guides  in April 2020
  8. Attended a two days online national conference on Covid -19 –Post Lockdown challenges ans opportunities on 9th and 10th May 2020 t Chamelidevi Group of Instituts and Chamelidevi institute of Professional studies, Indore.
  9. Participated in a quiz Organized by IFC International Forensic Science ,Pune Govt recognized ,ISO Certified and court Appointed commission on 17th may 2020
  10. Participated in Quiz Covid –19 Pandemic general Awareness organized by Chandigarh group of Colleges ,Landran, Mohali on 22nd April 2020
  11. Appointed as a member to the International Journal of Science of food and Agriculture,Hill Publishing Groups, Elmhurst NY USA
  12. Participated in Online COVID- 19 Awareness quiz organized by R C Patel institute of Pharmaceutical education and Research, Shirpur Dist. Dhule MS 425405.
  13. Participated in Online quiz on COVID- 19 Awareness and Preventionorganized by AISECT college of Professional studies Indore.
  14. Paticipated in online E- Quiz on Lets Beat Corona Virus organized by Prestige institute of management and research Indore.
  15. Participated in Quiz –Covid 19 Awareness program stay home stay safe organized by Mata jijabai Government PG Girls college Moti tabela
  16. Attended Webinar on Star certified devops Expert organized by Star certification.11th may 2020
  17. Attended Webinar on Star certified devops Expert organized by Star certification.13th may 2020
  18. Attended a National webinar on Future of higher education Conducted by Shri vaishnav collage of Commerce Inore on 14th may  2020
  19. Attended Vichintana webinar series 2020 organised by Internal quality Assurence cell (IQAC)and IETE students formum of shri ayyappa College Chengannur,Keral from 9th may to 15th may 2020.
  20. Participated in E-Quiz on Enviornmental Microbiologyorgnised by Shri Ram Krishna institute of computer Education and applied Science on 25th may 2020
  21. Participated in two days webinar on Potential and applications of indigenous bio resources organized by Shri shivaji vidhya Prasarak sansthaan Late Karamveer Dr P R Ghogrey Science College, Jalgaon on 14th and 15th  may 2020
  22. Participated and presented a paper in two days national webinar on Best stretegies used by higher education staff   for  protecting Academic intrest of students During corona pandemics on 17th may 2020.
  23. Attended a webinar series on global prospective in biotechnology organized by PSR Engineering college Chennai, Sivakasi 626140.
  24. Participated in online Social  awareness  program  Covid 19 organisd by Vasantraonaik marathwada Krishi vidhyapeth Parbhani 431402 on 18th may 2020
  25. Attended a webinar on Biodiversity an antiviral properties of medicinl plnts in India.organised by Stella maris college Chennai, on 15thmay 2020.
  26. Participated in online International COVID 19 Awareness quiz organized bty govt P G College , Ujjain (MP)On 20th may 2020
  27. Attended a online national conference on Natural immunity enhancer during covid 19 organised by Comp- Feeder AISECT colge of professional studies ,Indore on 18th may 2020.
  28. Participatd in online quiz on awareness about ATMANIRBHAY BHARTIYA ABHIYAN and CCOVID 19 organised by Sica college Indore on 20th may 2020
  29. Participated in webinar on future of Aviation Industry organized by Chamelidvi institute of professional studies Indore on 23rd may 2020
  30. Participated in one day national webinar on Impact of covid 19 on global environment organized by Thakur college of Science and commerce ,Mumbai on 22nd may 2020.
  31. Participated in Covid 19awareness short term online course organized by M J B Govt PG college Indore from 18th may to 24th may 2020.
  32. Participated in Virtual online national conference on Sustainable Agriculture for prosperity and employment generation orhanised by LNCT group of colleges Bhopal on 30th April 2020.
  33. Participated in national level webinar on Explore th world of electronic media by Mr Ekagra Sharma organized by narmada mahavidhyaalya Dhamno on 2 4th may 2020.
  34. Participated in international E Conferenc on Strategies and Challenges in Higher education during COVID-19 Lockdown Period in India with reference to the world. Orgaized by Govt  Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities ,
  35. Participated in International Webinar on COVID- 19 Present, Future Prospects and its Management organised by Kalp Laboratories Mathura from 19th may to 22nd
  36. Participated in national webinar on Back to where I belong, , Migrantsbotwixt Lockdown and covid-19 Pandemic organized by Mittal college of Arts ad Commerce Malad, Mumbai on 25th may 2020
  37. Participated in webinar series on Exploring and understanding world Pandemics organized by Ethiraj Colleg for Womens Chennai.
  38. Participated in international workshop on UGC- NAAC revised accreditation process organized by Research foundation of India on 20th my 2020.
  39. Participated in Covid-19 awareness quiz organized by Shri neelkanth Government PG College Khandwa on 22nd may 2020
  40. Participated in online international Covid-19 Awareness quiz 2020 organized by Rajiv Gandhi University Papumpre Arunachal Pradesh on 27th may 2020
  41. Participted in quiz on COVID-19 orgaanised by Breezeair technology on 27th may2020
  42. Participated in Quiz on DIU and DAMAN organized by Womens polytechnique college Karaikal Puducherry on 27th may 2020
  43. Participated in quiz on NAAC revised assessment and accreditation framework organized by IQAC ,M.A Rangoonwala institute of  hotel management and research pune on 23rd may 2020.
  44. Participated in COVID-19 quiz program and pledged organized by Smt Kusumtai Rajarambapu Patil Kanya Mahaidhyalya Sangli Mharashtra on 28th may 2020.
  45. Participated in the international workshop on Brain storming organized by world visual conference forum. On 21st may 2020.
  46. Participated in one day webinar on use of modern technology in teaching organized by Vaishnav mahavihyalya wadwani on 29th may 2020.
  47. Participated in one day webinar on impact of pesticides on human being organized by career college Bhopal on 25th may 2020.
  48. Participated in international level interdisciplinary webinar on overcome COVID 19 pendemic throughout nuocence of life organized by Vivek college of commerce Mumbai on 29th may 2020.
  49. Participated I pledge 0n world soil day on march 2021
  50. Participated in pledge of ministry of social justice and empowerment on march 2021.
  51. Participated in pledge of road safety on march 2021.
  52. Participated in pledge of Wacindia on april 2021
  53. Participated in International conference on matabolomics of Cancer organized by gurunanak college of Science Balapur on 27th marsh 2021.
  54. Paticipated in International webinar on Vedic microbiology organized byEklavya university damoh on 25th march 2021.
  55. Participted in Webinar entitled Financial education organized by Indore mahavidhyalya on 26th march 2021.
  56. Participated in webinar on Botanical Nomenclature organized by research foundation of india , Shri shradhanath PG College of Todi and JHERF on 17th march 2021
  57. Participated in webinar on National education policy 2020 A road mapto higher education organized by research foundation of india , School of Computer IPS Academy and JHERF on 31st march 2021

other Acjhievements

  1. Books and chapters.
  2. Written a book of practical microbiology for B.Sc Ist year, Nakoda Publications, Indore.
  3. Written a book charcoal rot a severity of Macrophomina phaseolina with isbn :  978-93-86675-63-7. Published online by ideal international  e publication pvt ltd.
  4. One chapter “Womens in Changing World: Problems and Challenges” is published by Mittal Publications, Delhi for their book “Women in the Changing World: Issues & Challenges” on 31st May 2020 with ISBN.
  5. Chapter “Spirulina-An overview” is published in Microbiology and biotechnology in human life first edition in 2019 by JPS Scientific publication ,India with ISBN-978-81-941936-2-3 Published online.
  6. Chapter “Biological management of Weeds” is published in Biological sciences for human  welfare,published  by JPS Scientific publication, India with ISBN 978-81-934054-3-7. Published online.
  7. Chapter “Insecticidal Efficacy of Argemone Mexicana L. Against insect pest” is published in Novel advances in Agricultural and veterinary Sciences” published by JPS Scientific publication india with ISBN 978-81-941936-1-6 published online..
  8. Chapter “ Pharmacology of medicinal plant Clitoria ternatea “ is published in “Pharmaccological benefits of natural products ISBN 978-81-934054-2-0 Published online.
  9. Chapter “ Beneficial role of Lactic Acid Bacteria in food fermentation and human health” in Recent trends in pharmaceutical sciences with ISBN 978-81-943168-5-5 published online.


  1. Reviewed Articles
  2. Antifungal activity of different size controlled stable silver

nanoparticles  biosynthesized by the endophytic fungus Aspergillus terreus,"

which has been submitted to  Journal of Phytopathology and Pest Management.  Agriculture, Assiut University, 2018.

  1. Effect of Biocides and Essential Oils for Controlling Damping-off Disease

in Peanut Plants," which has been submitted to Journal of Phytopathology and

Pest Management. which has been submitted to  Journal of Phytopathology and Pest Management.  Agriculture, Assiut University, 2018.



  1. Reseach Papers


  1. Manjeet kour Arora Umesh Dhurwe (2020) . Enviornmental Changes and Challenges Review Article , Abstract in Sovinier.
  2. Manjeet kour Arora (2020). Effect of built enviornment on diversity.Acta Scientific Agriculture ISSN:2581-365x volume 4 issue 2 (1-3)
  3. Maneet Kour Arora , Umesh Dhurwe (2019) . Effect of environmental changes and challenges today, Abstract in Sovinier.
  4. Manjeet kour Arora (2019) . Waste Management. IMRF , Telangana Abstract in Proceedings of International conference on Innovation and Applications in Basic and Applied Sciences for sustainable development Hydrabad.
  5. Manjeet kour Arora,Umesh Dhurwe (2019) . Ethanobotany and human health. Abstract in Souvenir and research compendium
  6. Manjeet kour arora ,Umesh Dhurwe (2019), Conservation of Natural resources . Full paper in role of national knowledge and scientific technologies for betterment of environment and mankind.research journal Shodh Samagra ISSN 2395-2725 Issue II volume III (3).
  7. Manjeet kour Arora(2019) , Biodiversity loss cause by built enviornment. Abstract in Souvenier of Modern trends in comtemporary research.
  8. Manjeet kour Arora (2019) . Technology and smart city. Paper in ISSA,MSS STS International Conference. In Christian college Indore.
  9. Manjeet Kour Arora, Umesh Dhurwe (2019), E- Waste Management as a challenge for public health.abstract published in national conference on Prowess womankind recent advances in management of Health,Enviornment , Science and Technology In NIDAN and MPCST  in national conference Bhopal .
  10. Manjeet Kour Arora ,Umesh Dhurwe (2019), E-Agriculture, paper in national conference ,Jodhpur,International journal of Advance Research and innovative ideas in Education. volume 3 issue 1 ISSN(O)-2395-4396.49-53.
  11. Manjeet kour Arora ,Umesh Dhurwe(2019), Macrophomina phaseolina causal organism of Charcoal Rot : Review Article.East African Scholars journal of Agriculture and Life Science,ISSn 2617-4472 ISSN 2617-7277 73-76.
  12. Manjeet kour Arora ,Umesh dhurwe (2018), Symptomatology and Disease Cycle of Macrophomina phaseolina on Sorghum causing charcoal rot Full paper in Souvinier page 193-198
  13. Manjeet kour Arora (2018) Antibiotics and their roles,Review article .International journal of research and analytical reviews. ISSN 2349-5238. Volume 5 ,issue 4 .374-378.
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  16. Manjeet kour Arora .(2017) Symptomatology and disease cycle of Macrophomina phaeolina on Sorghum causing charcoal rot . Abstract in ERGECI .
  17. Manjeet Kour Arora (2016) Effect of environmental factors on charcoal rot of sorghum bicolour caused by Macrophomina phaseolina ,Life science international research journal ,ISSN 2347 8691.vol 3 136-140.SPL issue.
  18. Manjeet Kour Arora (2016) Effect of environmental factors on charcoal rot of sorghum bicolour caused by Macrophomina phaseolina .Abstract, I proceedings of international conference of microbiology Agriculture and environmental science. ISBN 978-93-84124-89-2.
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  30. Manjeet Kour Arora (2010). Domestic Violence Causes and Solutions.
  31. Manjeet kour Arora (2010) Enviornment education in present time. Souvinier I national seminar on envioenmental education in present time at Navyug Arts and Commerce college , Jabalpur.
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  34. Manjeet Kour Arora . Means of Communication , national research foundation seminar Indra Gandhi government girls college satna .
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  1. Completed Referesher course in Life Science at Devi Ahilya Vishv vidhyalya Indore from 2nd January 2013 to 22nd January 2013.
  2. Completed the training program on “Higher Performance thin layer Chromatography (HPTLC) based qualification of Active Ingredient in Medicinal plants “ from 8-10th August 2018..
  3. Completed training on “Mushroom Culture” in Plant Pathology department Agriculture college Indore , from 22nd  to 23rd January 2020.
  4. Completed training on “ Basic Techniques in Molecular Bioogy. In department of Biotechnology at PMB gujarati Science College from 28th to 29th January 2019.
  5. Completed Training in Manufacturing (Level-2) Food Safety Supervisor at global food tech consultants , Indore on




  1. Participated in 1001 yog surya namashkaar abyaas satra for 12 different shaped at hariom yog Kendra cheritable trust ,Indore on 12th January 2010.
  2. Workshop on Commercial Aspects of Biotechnology “ from 3rd march to5th march 2009 at Pathway Institute of Biotechnology and Grow tips Biotech., Indore.
  3. Coordinated the Science exhibition organized by Science exhibition on wheels “journey into future of Science Discovery ‘ from 6th September 2012 to 5th september 2013.



Poster/ Oral Presentation


  1. Presented poster on “A helping hand in Agriculture from Microbes “ at National seminar on Microbiology – opportunities, challenges and skills at D.N. jain College Jabalpur (M.P) on 20th and 21st feb 2009.
  2. Presented poster on “Advantages and disadvantages of Microbes” at national seminar at government girls college hoshangabad on 28th march 2010.
  3. Presented poster on “importance of media “ in national seminar on media and samajik parivartan at govt jalad trimurti mahavidhyalya ,Nagod satna on 27th and 28th march 2010.
  4. Preseted poster on “Natural resources” I Malwa vigyan mela by M.P. Council of Science and technology , Bhopal from 29th to 31st march 2012.
  5. Presented poster on “Science and Technology “ in National conference on recent advances in Science , Technology and Health care in department of Microbiology career college , Bhopal on 29th to 30th September 2016.
  6. Orak presentation on “Symptomatology and disease cycle of Macrophomina phaeolina on Sorghum causing charcoal rot”in International conference on Ecosystem Responses to global environmental changes and their Impact” at school of life Science Devi Ahilya Vishvavidhyalya indore on 16th and 17th February 2016.
  7. Oral presentation on “Antibiotics and their role” in National seminar on Emerging trends and products of Microbial Biotechnology” at shri Akhilendeswari womens college wandiwash on 24th October 2018.
  8. Oral presentation on topic “ Symptomatology and disease cycle of Macropomina phaseolina on Sorghum causing Charcoal rot .in national conference making new India on 20th January 2018 at smt Maherbanu college of Science and Commerce , Akola .
  9. Presented poster on “Enviornmental Scinario” in workshop on Changing environmental scenario ;Problems and Solutions at department of Botany ,mata jijabai government girls PG college Indore on 4th September to 10th September 2018.




Complete Business Details

  1. Is a member of All  Indian  Microboogical  Society since 2018
  2. Is appointed as a Associate editor of international journal “Life Science Achievers”
  3. Is appointed as a Associate editor of Indo-sian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research .
  4. Is a Executive committee member of ISERC (international Society of environmental Relationship and Sustainability)
  5. Is a fellow contributor at International Science Community Association.
  6. Is a life time member of Eurasia Research.
  7. Is a member of IAENG (International Association of Engineering).



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