Ranjana Kumari
. India . joined October, 2022

Ranjana Kumari


Hi. By profession I am a electronics engineer, writer and poet,bike rider

Serving in defence sector for past 14 years and

volunteering for I Foundation form last 7 years as Founder member and 

mentor. I have worked in various fields of social work and got especially awarded for

my remarkable work during covid by Human Right Action Forum and Shashakt Foundation 



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    • City :
    • Allahabad

    • State :
    • Uttar Pradesh

    • Category :
    • Social Activist

    • Email ID:
    • rkdgr8@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • NGO:- I Foundation

    • Education
    • Engineer

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Project Details

 worked on various social issues like fight against poverty, illiteracy 

women health hygiene and sanitation ,red light area rehab and counseling 

women empowerment and girls education, tribal artisan artwork Design and development

market development internationally.

aids awareness, environment awareness,drug deaddiction,

road safety awareness,LGBTQIA+ counselling and sensatization programme 

digital literacy , depression counseling,self defence classes for teenagers 

workplacehassrasment awareness programme.


 Got Awadh ratan samman in 2021 and samaj ratan samman in 2020 for work during covid crisis.

Complete Business Details

 work with tribal artisan and local artisans promoted their art and handicrafts work

 world wide in collaboration with Tribeaute Enterprises LLP and Tribeaute International LLC USA



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