Dr Santhi Saravanan
. India . joined October, 2021

Dr Santhi Saravanan


Dr. Santhi Saravanan is the Director of Taru Fine Arts and Taru Financial Services. She has been recognised as one of the top artists in India, along with being given the responsibility of various posts in reputed art organisations. She has founded a Global Arts Forum to encourage and mentor young talent. She is a business financial solutions expert. She is also a motivational speaker across languages and streams.

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    • City :
    • Chennai City Central

    • State :
    • Tamil Nadu

    • Category :
    • Art & Culture

    • Email ID:
    • sansartaru@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Director Tarufs

    • Education
    • Fine arts and Financial Researcher studies

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Project Details

 Dr.Santhi Saravanan 

(Santsar Artist)
Director of Taru Financial Services and Taru Fine Arts Global Cultural Arts forum(world Record Achiever) Findrops Magazine Editor in chief 
Decades of experience as a business financial solutions expert (Insurance and Investment). I will discuss various financial aspects and share my expertise.
A professional artist, seasoned musician, sports, poet and a motivational speaker in English and Tamil.


Complete Business Details

Global cultural arts forum Taru fine arts 

Taru financial services ( Expert in Allocations of Financial projects) 


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