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Neena Vivek


I am a single independent mother of two children (boy 20 years old and girl 8 years old) since 2016. After lot of pain and struggle with society and with myself, I was able to take this decision. My parents say that I am the most simple person in our family by nature, and my bosses call me a task master who achieves what comes in her way with hard work and dedication. I love gathering knowledge from wherever I can - books, articles, videos. I do not like current politics of India but have the zeal to do something for our people who are in need. I hate corruption and violence and hence do not support it in any form. I love small kids. Their smile relieves me from any kind of pain or stress. I also like writing poems, both in Hindi and English. Psychology has always been a passion to me.

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    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • Single Mother

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    • Working in private organization

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    • M. Sc. Computer Science

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Project Details

 I am regularly donating in two different NGOs to support that blind children and mentally retarded children. 

Many a times, I take the poor children to restaurants where they can order anything this wish. The happiness on their face makes my day every time I do this. 

I try to make women around me aware of their strengths and that they need not suffer and should speak up when situation demands. 


 Personal achievements: 

After becoming single mother, I could recognize my strengths; I learnt to say 'No' to things which are not acceptable to me; I learnt to respect myself and now I make other women understand that they should speak out when they feel disrespected by others. Earlier I used to think that we as women, have to take the boredom of an unsuccessful relationship and have to do anything to save the relation even if it is torturing you to your nerves, as this is what used to be taught to a girl since her childhood. It took me too long to take that relationships are being ment by both the partners and it is not only woman who should alone take the responsibility of it. I learnt that saying 'No' is our right if it doesn't suit us. I learnt that one should never give up. When you are surrounded by dark clouds, you'll always find a silver lining. Moreover, I learnt that knowledge and education are two most important weapons of any individual. Where knowledge is the shield which protects one from the evil, education is the sword which kills all the negativities around him. 


Professional achievements: 

I had always been recognized as a hard working and dedicated employee in each organization I worked. However, my strengths doubled after I became single as now I was free from all the hurdles and stresses which I had to face earlier. Now, I could take new assignments as challenges and mastered them in less than six months. I am confident now that I can prove myself an asset in any field and in any Company I work. In these previous years, I have exceled in mastering the new roles and responsibilities. And because of this way of my working, I am still recognized in all my previous companies and they are happy to re-hire me. This in itself a great achievement for me. 


Complete Business Details

I have am overall experience of 14 years in administration field in various organizations. Currently, I am working in a U.S.basee organization with the Vice President and Chief Counsel of the Company. I joined her as an Administrative Assistant and was later given a new role of Office of Risk Management Administrator. So, currently I am playing dual role in the organization and I have successfully proved myself in last one year.

I had also worked as executive assistant cum senior manager, marketing coordinator and even lecturer in previous organizations and everywhere, I was trusted by my seniors and given new roles where I could explore my caliber in a much effective manner. 


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