Raghavi Bhujang
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Raghavi Bhujang


‘I’m a single parent, what’s your superpower?’. As it suggests, I’m a single working woman with two girls of my own. I juggle between my career, motherhood and household chores on a day to day basis. Research and technology interests me and I have also received a ‘Best Educator’ award for the same. In addition to that, I’ve also received quite a few accolades in the fields of education and research. With a doctorate in Computer Science, I have filed and published several patents (Indian and Australian) that seek to tackle social issues by the means of modern technology. On the side, I practice Carnatic Singing almost everyday and am a strong believer in spirituality as well. My larger goal in life is to morally support and give strength to as many women in life in similar situations as me. I want to motivate them to live their lives to the fullest and help them realise that one doesn’t need a man to live successfully.

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    • City :
    • Bengaluru South

    • State :
    • Karnataka

    • Category :
    • Single Mother

    • Email ID:
    • raghavi_c@yahoo.com

    • Profession:
    • Technical

    • Education
    • PhD

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Have published several research papers in Computer Science, indexed in SCOPUS, IEEE, Springer and various journals.

Have filed and published several patents - Indian and Australian. 

Have won several awards in Research and Education. Had been the research reviewer for various Journals and International Conferences.

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PhD in Computer Science, an accomplished professional, offering 20 years of rich experience in Technology Leadership, Academic & Administrative Planning, Program Management, and Learning & Development, Technology and Research. Acknowledged as a valued partner to Business Leaders for creating & deploying Integrated Learning & Development Plans, addressing skill gaps and building capabilities within a defined budget to develop best talent & world-class teams.


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