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Dear Sir/Ma'am Greetings! My daughter at age of 16 yrs.4 months has worked and continuously working/participating on many International World Level Events/Competitions Platforms with the theme of GENDER DISCRIMINATION, GENDER INEQUALITY, CONSERVATION, ENVIRONMENT ISSUES, Welfare of Cancer/Daily needs of Needy Persons on road etc... and other major factors by presenting her thoughts through ARTWORK & PAINTING & PAPER SUBMISSIONS to spread inspirational messages and received much special token of appreciation & awards for impressive work done till now also represented our India. And as a female child, she wants to work furthermore to boost the morale of all daughters in the world in the future. With this motive, she continues her journey and works very hard to achieve her dreams by utilizing her prize collecting money for her studies and for community welfare,social service. She is not only excellent in studies but in GOD gifted Arts & Paintings.She is allrounder personality and is part of Soccer Team and NCC Cadet. She is the only great blessing in my life. GRADE BOARD PERCENTAGE GRADE 1 CBSE A in 2 subjects B+ in 5 subjects GRADE 2 CBSE A1 in 3 subjectsA2 in 3 subjects GRADE 3 CBSE A1 in 8 subjects GRADE 4 CBSE A1 in subjects GRADE 5 CBSE A1 in 1 subject A2 in 5 subjects B2 in 1 subject GRADE 6 CBSE 94.08% GRADE 7 CBSE 90.41% GRADE 8 CBSE 92.9% GRADE 9 IGCSE-NON.MEDICAL STREAM A* in 2 subjects A in 3 subjects B in 1 subject(with highest score of 98.5 in Biology in Grade) GRADE 10 IGCSE-NON.MEDICAL STREAM A* in all subjects in Term 1 & Result Awaiting for Finals DREAM TO ACHIEVE  PASSION TO CHOOSE AEROSPACE ENGINEERING AS A CAREER  Continuously participating in World Level Art & Painting Competitions so that she herself with hardwork collect money for her education in future, not want to take and depend on financial help of her father want to study by utilization of her own calibre, capabilities and strength and spread a message for whole world female child that a female child can do anything if you have True Dream to achieve it & definitely work for Community welfare always. Lots of thanks and your blessings are most important to her. Regards, Vikramjeet Kaur (Mother)

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    • Hoshiarpur

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    • Punjab

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