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Ruchika Biswal (DoB 30/6/2008) a Resident of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.India's Youngest Publisher who is known for LOST PEARL PUBLICATION is a 13 year old girl ,author of TRAPPED IN HEAVEN, ALTALUNE POLARIS and WHEN WE WERE YOUNG , a teen writer , compiler, artist , a chess player , international and national level Ucmas champ, Olympiad gold and distinction medalist, an orator,overall an All rounder , insta id ;- @altalune_polaris She is an award winning author , title holder of Miss Glory , national and international record holder, excellent leadership award winner, it's 25 from Inkzoid foundation ,co authored more than 50 books and innumerable contributions in just a span of just 6 months in writing industry , she thinks Writing helps you to forget the things which are are not worth to remember. The words poured out of her pens' nib aren't just sentences , they are the carrier of plethora of emotions, the carving solitude that drips from her life as a saturated sunrise..

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    • Bhubaneswar

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    • Odisha

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    • Author

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    • Author, teen writer, compiler, orator, publisher

    • Education
    • I am only 13 , schooling going on

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Project Details

 This is basically a publication house where people of any background in respective of their monetary status can publish cause I believe writing and express must not have a barrier of money . We try to give them the best service we can , cause clients are our power. From this work i may have won or lost but something i learnt is invincible " the need of a teamwork" i try my level best to work like a family always focus on word "WE" when we achieved and "I" when lost . I want my team to feel special and a burden holder of misery i guess that's why many youths appreciate us and i hope they will , i believe it. So we deal with Anthologies, magazines , award ceremonies, podcasts,, solo books , open mics and all. I don't want people know me for my publication, i want to the one for whom my publication is known. I want to be that women in life who is passionate about her willnes , fearless to Stand for herself , justifies , fights for ones right , makes people feel great , independent individual and atlast "TO CREATE AN INVINCIBLE LEGACY NOT JUST FOR WOMENHOOD BUT FOR HUMANITY"


 A teen writer, author , youngest Publisher

Author of 3 books at the age of 3,a power teen, a national level artist , a chess player, an orator , Olympiad gold and distinction medalist, public speeker , a state level drma artist ,a national level essay competition winner , Ucmas international national and state winner , all rounder waves 2015 winner , authorshree sanman, excellent leadership awards winner, young entrepreneur 2921 winner , world record holder , mahadevi verma sahitya puraskar not just winner but the youngest to recieve. Compiler at 5+ books , co author of 50 + books, class topper since play school, and a lot more

Founder of one of the most promising publications ,India's Youngest Publisher




Complete Business Details

 Lost pearl publication, it was started on 15th September 2021 , from that day to till date we are never out of projects in hand , i an really glad that my marketing skills are improving, i started it with 100 inr in hand now we do have 10k+ in funds , i can by myself my accessories though I am paid very minimal i keep more as funds. It gives me a feeling of being independent at some instances, the day I started it i didn't tell my parents after our first launch of 5 to 6 books i told them and they were amazed and angry at the same time . I was told to wind up as the new year starts , i was broken down but you know miracle always look out for those who are prepared , yah it happened on 30ty dec i got a call as I am selected as the Youngest Publisher , this seemed as the universe is there to cheer you up to keep going, my parents,teachers, relatives , friends were all proud. That day after so many years I don't know why I felt asif i was glorious though I had many awards at that time. May be because something i dreamt to keep going in enterpenurship world. And now people just started contacting me if they could just get a chance to work with me in tat way people believed that my age doesn't deprive the quality of my work  but more to achieve, and this will help me a lot to keep the fire in me just burn all my negativies which will never extinguish i want to be an astronaut I want to know more about space , i want to be known for Nobel prize in physics some day . 


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