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Unfortunately, before the school year began in 2020, we were thrown into the unchartered waters of a historic pandemic. As educators, the immediate challenge was to ensure the next generation didn’t lose their connection with normal schooling and as PYP teachers, we faced additional worries of whether our young ones would have access to laptops at home or be able to navigate internet safety issues. We began to dip our toes into the realms of digital citizenship and soon realised it would be an arduous swim to get the children to the safety of the shore on the other side of this pandemic. I have seen educators struggling to infuse inquiry into virtual classrooms and have stepped forward to research new and innovative ways in which teachers can engage learners in their classroom through technology. Not only have I held many workshops for the staff at my school, but I have also started a blog that is gaining global recognition. The blog focuses on helping educators and parents move through this pandemic time with their children as smoothly as possible with strategies to manage online learning successfully. I believe that this is the need of the hour as parents and teachers around the globe are struggling to create lessons that do justice to the next generation. My blog has been shared worldwide and had helped to infuse technology creatively into virtual classrooms by teachers who are ready to take the next steps into the future. My blog also gives practical advice to newcomers to the teaching profession so that they can achieve excellence as soon as possible. My blog posts have also been published world wide by sites such as ‘The Educators Room’ and ‘Teach Thought’ thus gaining a larger audience. I have also been invited to speak at India School News to share my knowledge on Inquiry in a primary classroom so that overs can develop professionally through sharing my experiences. You can peruse my website/blog by clicking the following link-

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    • Haryana

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    • B.Ed, Harvard-Leaders of Learning, London University- Teaching learners with difficulties in Reading and Writing, Technology in Primary

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I have ensured that I share my knowledge with all freely so that classrooms around the world benefit from the experience that I have gained. I have ensured that young learners use technology as a powerful tool to express themselves rather than fearing technology. They have blossomed and taken to the virtual classroom like fish to water, and I want other educators to experience the feeling of elation when they realize that technology is a boon rather than a bane. I try to spread my message by practicing what I preach, conducting workshops, writing articles for prestigious magazines/websites. I have also built an important focus on SEL in the classroom through my blog which builds an understanding of how students’ needs are changing in pandemic times along with practical tips on bringing in mindfulness into the classroom.



Additional courses completed-

  • Became an MIEE in 2020 and Microsoft Certified Educator in January 2021
  • Completed and gained a certificate for ‘Leaders of learning’ from Harvard University, ‘Supporting children with difficulties in reading and writing’ and 'ICT in Primary Education' from London University
  • TEFL Level 5 (OFQUAL regulated) with specialization in Business English, Young Learners, Teaching English online, IELTS and TOEIC preparation and advanced English grammar.
  • TESOL from Arizona State University
  • Diploma in Educational Psychology (completed in 2020)
  • Specialization in Intermediate Grammar and Virtual Teaching from the University of California, Irvine

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I am constantly on the lookout to modernize education around the globe by adding technology to classrooms, especially during the pandemic. I want the flow of knowledge between teachers and students to transfer easily thanks to the virtual platform so that we can revolutionize classrooms. I have been takin workshops that inspires others to lead with technology,had articles published in various magazines and am collaborating with educators across the globe to build a better understanding of the needs of a virtual classroom.


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