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I'm a 17 y/o girl from a very small town, Basti, which is in Uttar Pradesh, India. To be very honest, I belong to a family where patriotism is highly valued and the girls and women are only considered for household chores. Everyone here thinks that girls shouldn't be highly educated and are prepared to take care of the house since childhood. I just wanna prove myself to everyone who has this backward thinking about girls. I write poems about this ill-thinking which reflect the position of girls in our society and also tell about the importance of gender equality so that everyone can read and understand that girls also have the same rights as boys and they shouldn't be treated like trash. At this young age, I'm trying my level best to improve the position of girls and to washout this thinking from everyone's mind that girls are just a burden for the society.

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    • Basti

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    • Uttar Pradesh

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    • Currently in 12th standard

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1. I've participated in many daily, weekly and monthly online contests organised by The Vivid Scribblers and won too. Themes were "Faith", " Elder Abuse", "Child Labour", " Farmers", "World Environment", " Amazing Efforts Of Fathers" and many more.

2. First position in a contest organised by Lekhak's World Initiative under English Category. Theme was "Friendship".

3. First position in few contests organised by Triumph Of Words under English Category. Themes were " Power", "Danger", "Determination" and "Strive" respectively.

4. Second position in two different contests organised by Writers Pit Stop under English Category. Themes were "Honesty" and "Goals" respectively.

5. Second position in Sehar Writing Contest 5.0 under English Category.

6. Second position in a contest organised by Penned Thoughts Community under English Category. Theme was "Parents".

7. Sixth position in Indian Ink Poetry Competition 5.0 which was organised by Indian Ink Writers Community (IINK), which is one of India's largest community.

8. Second position in two different contests organised by Penbrew Community under English Category. Themes were "Move On" and "Welcome Monsoon" respectively.

9. Second position in Poetry/Shayari Writing Competition organised by The Vessel Of Words under English Category.

10. Winner of Standing Ovation Awards 2021 under "Best Writer" category, organised by Publishing Experts.

11. Winner of Attainers Award 2021 under "Best Writer'" category, organised by JEC Publications.

12. Winner of Excellence Awards 2021 under "Best Writer/Author" category, organised by Applause Awards.

13. I used to participate in many poetry, debate and writing competitions held in my school and won prizes too.

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