heroes-awaredd.jpg SUPERHERO_AWARDEE.jpg TANUSRI
  • name : TANUSRI
  • Profession : Entrepreneur ,Co -Founder, Businesswoman
  • Category : Members
  • Education : BACHELORS degree
  • City : Kolkata
  • State : West Bengal
  • Contact : private
  • Email : private
  • Status : Awardee
  • Social Media :

The Business Projects I run has been start ups and with a lot of struggle and  challenges faced,both the projects are running successfully .

My first Start up project, FOURTUNEDESIGN firm as a webdesigning firm has earned great accolades .Starting with a handful employees and a rented office space to a full fledged firm employing  many potential resources with own office space in North Kolkata. My firm has created a buzz in city and doing various webdesigning and programming work across various fields.

My second project- REVOLT FITNESS has created a revolution in fitness world.With professional trainers available on floor,my gym has always given the best experience and customer satisfaction .Gym members are clients have always given the best review in social media and therefore in such a short span of time our members strength has almost touched 1000 members . To add value and contribute to the society ,by organizing free fitness online sessions to promote Fitness and boost immunity within all has been a focus during the Covid Pandemic  time.Exercise is the easiest and less expensive  cure for depression.Even WHO recommends every healthy adult should do minimum 30 minutes per day of physical activity.I have been able to promote this and therefore have received various cerifications from Ministry of Health(Govt.of India).

Simultaneously, during the Covid Lockdown period,have been actively participating in many social activities to promote awareness amongst society about pandemic situation and counter measures to be adopted by all.Various local civic bodies have appreciated this gesture and applauded my activities during COVID


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