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Cachar . Assam . India . joined October, 2022

Debjit Patoa


Debjit Patoa

Debjit Patoa Cachar

Debjit Patoa from Cachar<


Debjit Patoa Cachar


I am a Stock Trader and Investor who started his journey amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. It'd be fair to say that it truly turned my life upside down, not only in terms of how I progressed in my trading journey but my journey as an individual too. I decided to learn the art first, while practicing in hiding since I wanted to prove myself before I announced it to everyone around me that I have started investing and trading. Once I got the grip of it, I decided to share my journey, progress and learnings on Instagram (@debjitpatoa). My philosophy behind it was - If I know how to make money and trade the right way, then why don't I share it with everyone. I started small, with content that could be easily comprehended. When I list my achievements, I'd always put the fact that a lot of people resonated with my content, placed their trust in me, and started trading, decided to learn trading, and found success in it taking me and my work as an inspiration. Today, they show their profits to me, which inspires me to keep doing what I am doing too. I have never charged a penny for any of the learnings I shared, because I am a firm believer that sharing your knowledge will only make you wiser.

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    • Country :
    • India

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    • Cachar

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    • Assam

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    • Stock Trader & Investor

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    • Graduate

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