Dimple Himanshu Boriawala
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Dimple Himanshu Boriawala


I am Dimple Boriawala I run Dimple Boriawala’s Math Academy cater to students globally in India USA CANADA DUBAI SINGAPORE do explore my website www.mathwithdimple.in for more details

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Project Details

Mathematics is the most integral part of our daily life. From cooking to shopping to driving to eating every where Math is involved.

Still it is considered to be the most dreaded subject. Why because if we go to our past and analyze it we will realise it was not been introduced in our life in the most effective manner

So in order to fill in the gap is these young minds ….. Dimple Boriawala by qualification Chartered Financial Analyst along with Master in Finance & Master in Commerce as well as degree in UCMAS (ABACUS based calculations) by profession an ex-banker has started her institute since 2017 by covering up various forms of Math in order to develops strong interest in the BLOOMING MINDS of these vulnerable kids from the age group of 6 year to 16 years.

Mathematics is a very easy and interesting subject but only when presented in a proper way. And Dimple Boriawala’s Math Academy exactly does that. It help kids connect to the exact way of Mental Math Calculations and teaches them not to depend on CALCULATORS and completely fall in love with numbers and create the thirst for learning more and more SHORT WAYS of calculations.

Last but not the least, here is an academy which will help kids to brighten up “MATHEMATICS” as a subject and will develop this urge in minds of kids to become FUTURE MATHEMATICIANS.

(Dimple Boriawala).
Dimple Boriawala’s Math Academy


Complete Business Details

 My institute name is Dimple Boriawala's Math Academy I am founder of this institute....Me along with my team cater to 3 Cs  Conceptual Math Cambridge Math and Competitive Math We cater to Students from Grade 1 to Grade 10.....We are online based institute and we have our presence in India USA CANADA DUBAI SINGAPORE in all these countries we teach all above Cs With passion and clear vision we are in this industry since 2017

For A Teacher At Dimple Boriawala’s Math Academy, Teaching Is Far More Than A Job, A Duty, Or Pay Check, We Help Students Learn And Grow Intellectually, Guiding Then As They Tackle New Concepts And Ideas To Become Good Individuals. The Lessons That are Target, The Methods That Are Incorporated And Attitude Of Teachers Towards There Students And Towards Learning Have A Lasting Influence On Their Life. 



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