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I'm Dr. Prakash Anant from Chhattisgarh.I am member of Congress party(INC)& a Social Worker. I always wanted to help people with their problems and keeping that intention in mind I joined Congress party 22 yrs ago.

     Congress party and it's leaders have given proper support to me ,so that I can provide help to the common  humans.
With my Social Work I've always tried my best to make people aware of their Rights followed by their duties towards their family, society and nation.I make sure to give my best by helping people to overcome with their problems.
      I have struggled alot in my life, so I know it very well that how it feels when you need help and there is no one behind you . But I'm not letting this happen to our people as I'm always there for them and I'll always be standing behind them to support ,help and motivate.And also I will make sure that our people won't do any such thing which will directly or indirectly effect/harm our society.

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    • City :
    • Korba

    • State :
    • Chattisgarh

    • Category :
    • Social Activist

    • Email ID:
    • prakash.kumar.anant@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Politician

    • Education
    • B.COM

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