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Mrs. Jui Kandalgaonkar


I am Jui Kandalgaonkar, Founder Of 'Vivika', Hadapsar, Pune. I have completed my Masters Degree in Biotechnology along with Paramedical Degree. I am a certified Beauty and Aromatherapist. I have also had a great experience in teaching field. I was working as a faculty lecturer too.

Currently, I am working on Vivika Sanitary Napkins - a business venture very close to my heart! Through this venture I wish to help spread the awareness of using good quality Sanitary Napkins and also wish to emphasize the importance of Personal Hygiene care during Menstruation Phase of women.

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    • Pune

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Social Entrepreneur

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    • Social Entrepreneur

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    • MSc Biotechnology, DMLT, Certified Beauty and Aroma Therapist

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Project Details

Brief About the Product:

Vivika Sanitary Pads are totally Cotton based And Eco-Friendly in nature. The napkin is made from wood pulp paper. These Pads are lightweight, ultra-thin and folded in structure with good absorbency up to 10 Hrs. there’s a special Anion Strip for anti-bacterial effect. This helps in lowering period irritations and gives complete protection with care. The packaging is very attractive too. The napkins are easy to carry in your bag and price is very pocket friendly too. Pads range from regular size, large size, panty liners, straight pads, ultra-thin pads and more. Besides, I also deal in 'Safe Disposal Sanitary Paper Bags' and 'Red Dot Disposal Paper Bags' which helps for easy waste segregation. Also, I provide cloth made reusable sanitary pad pouches for emergency outdoor or travel purposes. I recently, launched Brand Vivika with India's largest E-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm for easy online access across India.

Girls and women of ages between 12-50 are my ideal target audiences.

Like outer beauty, inner beauty of a Woman also matters for healthy lifestyle. With brand Vivika, I wish to reach as many as women to help them in getting small scale home business opportunities, if they try to market and sell my product. I also wish to spread basic knowledge and awareness about menstruation, sanitary products and proper hygiene management through various social ventures.

Contact: 9356367169



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  • Promote Employment to Rural & Urban Women for Setup Homebusiness Through Various Groups
  • Work for Spreading Awareness of Menstruation & Hygiene Through Talks, Articles and Small Events
  • Become Proud Partner with India's Largest E-commerce Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm Mall


Complete Business Details

During periods, many women in our society are still struggling to buy good quality sanitary napkins and are prone to suffer with side effects. Using bad quality products can cause skin irritation, allergy, skin rashes and more. I have done lot of research and study before starting this business venture. What I have realised is, providing a very good quality sanitary napkin can reduce lot of these issues and make periods a smooth phase every month!

With this thought process, I started my brand Vivika Sanitary Pads.

I have got valuable and great customer feedbacks till now. Every review is equally important for me as it has helped to boost my business.  


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