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Dr.Prachi Goel is a zealous Homoeopathic Doctor and Lifestyle Counselor. She is Senior Homoeopathic Doctor at Goelcare Clinic where She is healing patients Holistically for 12 years. She firmly believes in concept of Complete Health. She is instrumental in creating awareness regarding importance of Mental health and helping people to Lead Healthy Lifestyle.

She practice and promotes Classical and True Homoeopathy.

Besides being a successful Doctor she is a Proud Mother and Wife beautifully managing all the Household responsibilities along with her career. She is a Multitasker who follow her passions while living her life to fullest and preach what she follow herself i.e. Complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

She has been helping underprivileged with their treatment, free of cost, at her clinic. Her Facebook page and Instagram page is instrumental in creating Health awareness and promote Homoeopathy.

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    • City :
    • Delhi

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    • Delhi

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    • Homeopathic Specialist

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    • Profession:
    • Homoeopathic Doctor and Lifestyle Counselor

    • Education
    • B.H.M.S, M.D.(Homoeopathy), D.N.H.E

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Project Details

my mission is to bring homoeopathy in all fields and home. our services and products are aimed at this. we are soon entrering world of Homoeopathic cosmetology as well. we are researching and making product line for the same and plan to launch by year end.


I have been a scholar academically since my school days and have brought laurels to my school in various debates and science meets.

scored 88.33% in my 12th CBSE boards securing a seat in one of the Best Homoeopathic institutes in India- NHMC-DU.

Being close to my culture and keen to learn several art forms i have won many cultural competitions during my college day at Delhi University and was Bestowed Cultural Secretary of my college 2008-9.

After completing my BHMS from delhi University in 2009, I cleared ESI examination for Post of Medical Officer but didnt persue as i wanted to study more.

i took admission in M.D. at SGNDHMC, Ludhiana.

since then i have treated more than 10000 patients including lot of free Medical camps.

we treat underpriveleged free of cost at our clinic.

attended and have been panelist of several health awareness seminars and webinars.

imparted several motivational and career counselling speech at my school.

being a mother i run an extracurricular activity page FishMySkill@facebook.

distributed more than 1000(and counting) homoeopathic covid preventive medicine during the ongoing pandemic.

treating covid patients with homoeopathy including post covid complications.

succesfully cured many patients of theit troublesome diseases including surgical with homoeopathy.

Felicitated by "REEBOK INDIA" as "COVID WARRIOR" in 2020.

i am a proud preacher creating awareness amongst people about health and homoeopathy.

i am a proud mother and wife and i am instilling as much values ans love i can in my family as i can.

Complete Business Details

I am not only helping people at our Goelcare clinic but am also associated with several online Medical platforms like Lybtrae, Practo, Bjajfinserv etc. for online and Tele consultations.

we Offer Holistic Homoeopathic treatment alog with appropriate Dietary, Lifestyle and Psycological counselling wherever necessary. we are helping many people lead a healthy lifestyle holistically.

our website ( have been instrumental in expanding online consultation and sale of our specially designed product range.

we create health awareness via various social media pages like -,  multitaskingdoc@instagram,  drprachigoel@instagram. 

our specially degined HOME CARE KIT, INFANT CARE KIT, PREGNANCY CARE KIT and lately COVID CARE KIT have been helping people with safe medicications at safety of theit house saving money and several clnic visits.

we aim to touch more families with our healing touch daily.


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