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Hello, I am Priyanka Dutta- A teacher by profession A debut author by passion I am 27 by age and have been serving in education service for 3 years now. I want you to please consider my book and review it. In the book, I have spoken about the struggles, turns, dilemmas and toils in the life of Women and the need of them to be strong enough to fight any odds and be their own self in today’s world. This is a topic least attended to but the need of the hour. It compromises of 50 poems on women, for women and by a woman. Because I believe, if one woman speaks for herself, she speaks for all the women out there. Please revert back to me. With hope, Thanks and Regards.

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My project is a Book which is my debut book that consists of 50 poems written on women for women chiefly. It speaks of the turns, toils and dilemmas, the oppression and torcher in everyday life of women and focuses on the need for women to stand firmly against those. It talks about the need of women to be strong in this era and fight back against all odds ro make a life worth living. To make a life that they want to live nit tha one that others choose for them. 
this is not just a work of art but echoes the real world scenario that each woman can somewhere relate to. This I penned down as I believe if one woman speaks for herself, she speaks for all the women out there.


 Achieved the Influential Indian 2021- Most prolific Writer award, the Best Debut Author 2021 in Global Achiever's Award, have been featured in Google, Hindustan Times and Daily hunt along with regional newspapers. The book has also been nominated for 4 more awards, recognised nationally.

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