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I am in multiple roles from being an editor of a monthly magazine dedicated to women's empowerment. Apart from these roles I've indulged myself in many philanthropic work and programmes intended at educating children of deprived sections of the society, promoting gender equality, and developing the socio-economic status of women on a large scale.Shephali is my designing  house where I gave our state's culture and tradition as a theme in my sarees. Where you can get our traditional pata chitra as the design of my saree so that it's a indirect respect to my culture and tradition and literature.
Apart from that I have doing so many works at my native place Kalarabank where I  provide quality education for the rural best childrens so that they can get maximum benifit to move forward in life and they will get all extracurricular activities in that village area.

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    • City :
    • Bhubaneswar

    • State :
    • Odisha

    • Category :
    • Multi Talent

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    • Profession:
    • Writer, producer,Educationalist, Entrepreneur, social worker

    • Education
    • BTech, PHD,Master degree in Journalism and mass communication

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 Awards and Achievements

For Excellence in Editing:
Bagmi Biswanath Kar Sampadana Samman - 2019, Utkal Sahitya Samaja
Asimaloka Samman - 2019
Amari Bhasa Pathe Samma-n - 2016 (The Intellects, New Delhi) 
Duradarshi Samman - 2016
Roopnagar Mayanagaree Award - 2016 (Best Family Magazine of Odisha)
Best Editor Samman - 2016, Nimapada Sahitya Sansad 
Manthan Juba Sampadika Samman - 2010
Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhabana Award - 2008 (as Best Woman Editor)
Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhabana Award - 2007 (Best Editor)
Prananatha Samman - 2006 (Best Editor)
Special Felicitation for Editing - 2006 (Lions Club, Bhubaneswar Lotus)
Best Editor Award - 2004 (State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Bhubaneswar)
Kathaa Journal Award - 2004 (New Delhi)
Rajiv Gandhi Award - 2002 (Best Woman Editor)
Smrutilipi Best Editor Samman - 2002
Avinandanika Award - 2001 (Magazine Editing)
Aashraya Award - 2001 (Best Editor)
Badadanda Best Editor Samman - 2001
Best Editor Award - 2001, Lions Club, Bhubaneswar
For Creative Writing:
Utkal Bharati Kuntala Kumari Saraswat Samman - 2020 (Utkal Bharati Kuntala Kumari Sabat Foundation, Cuttac)
Rajadhani Pustak Mela Puraskar - 2019 (for novel ‘Shakuntalara Jhia’)
Shrestha Saraswata Sadhaka Samman - 2019 (Kathakalika Writer’s Meet)
Kabi Chakrabarti Brajanath Badajena Saraswata Samman - 2018
Bhanja Bharati Jayadev Sarangi Memorial Award - 2017
Ama Bhubaneswar Samman - 2017
Padmavati Award - 2016
Utkal Prativa Samman - 2016
Prativa Samman - 2016
Utkalamani Prativa Samman - 2016
Odia Sahitya Samman - 2016
Akshaya Mohanty Sahitya Samman - 2013
Rajadhani Pustak Mela Puraskar - 2013 (for story collection ‘Iti Tora Lipsa’)
Dhanaphula Sahitya Samman - 2013
Chinta & Chetana Rastriya Award - 2002
For Drama:
Manana Samman - 2016, Manana Natya Santha 
For Entrepreneur:
Most Inspirational Business Award-2021 for Best Media Publisher (Kadambini Media), Interview Times Media Network, Bhubaneswar
Best Women Entrepreneur - 2014 by 92.7 BIG FM
For Overall Performances:
Bishuba Prativa Samman - 2022, Agami Odisha
Abhiruchi Abadan Samman - 2021, Satyanagar Ladies Forum, Bhubaneswar
Jagatjita Naari of the Year - 2020, All Woman Advocates Forum in collaboration with Akhil Bahatiya Sanyukta Adhivakta Parishad, New Delhi
Heavenly Horse Cultural Award from Mongolian Academy of Culture - 2019 (Cultural Award for Outstanding Contribution to World Arts and Culture)
Bhavan’s Samman Odisha - 2019 from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Dr. Lipi Hembram Smaraki Samman - 2019, Dr. Lipi Hembram Smruti Parishad and PG Department of Odia, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
Balighara Saraswata Prativa Samman - 2019
Agami Odisha Sambardhita Prativa - 2019
Support Samman - 2018
Nilachakra Samman - 2016, Chinta O Chetana, Bhubaneswar
Odisha Youth Inspiration Award - 2015 
SCART Nabaratna Award - 2015
Punyaprabha Geeti Gourab Samman - 2015
Sakala Samman - 2014
Shrestha Odiani Samman - 2009
Tundabaida Samman - 2008
Manjubala Smruti Samman - 2006
Rajib Sena Award - 2004
Professional Excellency Award - 2004 (All India Small and Medium Newspaper Editors, Odisha Branch)
Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhawana Award - 2003 (Best family feature magazine ‘The Kadambini’)
Dhwani Pratidhwani Samman - 2003
Best Women Samman - 2003
For Cinema:
National Award for Best Film production (Rajat Kamal) - 2006 (for ‘Kathantara’)
Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami Award - 2005 (Odisha State Film Award for best film 'Kathantara')
Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami Award - 2014 (Odisha State Film Award for best feature film 'Krantidhara')
Odisha State Film Award for Best Story Writer - 2014 (for 'Krantidhara')
Odisha State Tele Film Award for Best Tele Film - 2013 (for ‘Kahani Nuhen’)
Odisha State Special Jury Film Award - 2018 (for Documentary Film ‘Kahe Ballav’)
Best Story Writer Award for ‘Krantidhara’ - 2016, Chalachitra Jagat
Best Story Writer Award for ‘Krantidhara’ - 2016, Cinema Sansar
Best Story Writer Award for ‘Krantidhara’ - 2016, Odia Film Fair Award
Best Creative Title Award for ‘Krantidhara’ - 2016, Odia Film Fair Award
National Cine Ratna Award - 2016 & 2017
Roopnagar Mayanagaree Award - 2016 (Best Film of Year 2015)
Chalachitra Jagat Pratibha Samman - 2007 for award-winning films ‘Kathaantara’
Chinta O Chetana Award - 2007 for Best Film Production
Chitrapuri Award - 2006
Big Screen Big Star Entertainment Award - 2016 (for 'Krantidhara')
Asian Excellent Film Award - 2019 from International Federation of Film Industry Dev., Seoul, Korea (for ‘Krantidhara’)
For producing award-winning Odia movies she has been felicitated in many places such as at Bangalore, Chennai etc... etc...

Complete Business Details

 Shephalee began as an effect of deliberations ,dialogue, sheer passion, and a thirst to showcase our handwoven fabrics to the worldin a new avatar . Designing modern aesthetic products and wedding these fabrics with newer generations & their change in taste was a primary ambition. Dr. Iti Samanta' s evolution as a designer began with her incredulous work in the field of art, culture and literature. This  pushed her to understand the nuances that these gorgeous beauties hide.

Product description -
Shephalee is a luxurious fashion designing house for those who prefer their style statement to manifest the vintage era with a slight touch of modernity into it. We as a brand established to celebrate womanhood and each one's authentic self while offering comortness and elegance with every product. At house of shephalee we design exclusive one-attire sarees, and saree accessories such as long coats and designer stoles.


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