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Dt. Venu  Das


Greetings everyone, I'm Venu Das, a Dietician with MSc in Food and Nutrition along with 2 Years in advanced Dietics. I utilise my diverse set of experiences as well as strong knowledge base to achieve the desired health and weight benefits with a NO Crash Diet Course. My 4 years of online expertise and strategy of home cooked food diet is a hit amongst 80% fauji wives and many others from different genres of life. My aim is in focused, consistent method for long term positive effects on weight as well as health and hence doesn’t fall prey to the short cuts of crash diets. The weight loss regime I offer provides actual strategies for healthier eating and weight loss and helps provide the best health and nutrition advice one can find. Want a professional yet homely approach towards healthy living, connect to Venu Fitness by DT Venu Das on 9389505648.

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    • City :
    • Pilibhit

    • State :
    • Uttar Pradesh

    • Category :
    • Dietitian

    • Email ID:
    • venudas229@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • I'm a dietitian

    • Education
    • MSC. Food science nd nutrition

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In 2019 I won kalki gaurab samman

In 2019 iwon digital entrepreneur award

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