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Hello Myself Marion Usman married and a mother to a 5 yr old daughter and a working woman too. Ambitious Hardworking And holding a positive attitude and wanting to bring awareness in the society about the importance of health and health checks .

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    • Mumbai

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Health consultant

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    • Medical tourism

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 I have been actively involved with a startup since 2018

If u remember the olden days when we had to go to a bank with do every small transaction.. Waiting in long queues... The bank atm revolutionised the banking system... Then  came the digital cash wallets like phone pay or a G pay and so on
With this ground, it would be a dream come true if we dont have to visit a hospital or a lab for health check up, blood tests or even an ECG... What if the hospital or healthcare diagnostics comes to you instead of you going to hospital or a lab or a clinic... It would be a drwam come true.... Yes we make that dream come true
We have developed the worlds first anytime health monitoring machine.
This a revolutionary futuristic healthcare ecosystem, and with  Swayam anytime Health montoring machine.. Or lets simply call it a health atm.... . We can do more than 70 tests on the machine and further consult a doctor or  specialist with instant test results folllwed by doctor consultation without going to a hospital or lab
The Covid 19 pandemic revolutionized the digital healthcare landscape... Even the World Heart Federations slogan for 2021 promotes Digital Heart Health to fight the biggest killer CardioVascukar diseases
It wont be far away that like we have a newtork of bank atms across the country.. Similar way our future of healthcare will see these Health atm which can be affordable accessible and available 24*7 for our health
Our malls, corprate offices, public places, airports, railway staions, bus stations, parks and public paces will soon see a health atm  Besides our coffee vending machines and fast food stalls
Our modern lifestyle with poor eating habbits, lack of exercise, rising number of yongsters and females exposed to smoking we are already witnessing   the rising incidence of heart attacks strokes hypertension diabetes obesity and other lifestyle disease..   
Heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths which used to be grandparents disease have become a grandchild disease

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