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Roma G Girish


I am Roma Girish, Postgraduate M.Sc., M.Phil, dived into Art professionally from past 5 years, which had been my passion right from childhood.

After being Certified as art and craft professional and awarded as Fevicryl Certified Expert in December 2018, I love to harness the therapeutic power of art and transmit joy through my creative workshops.

I have explored and taught various forms of art - Decoupage, Mandala, Zendoodling, Acrylic Painting, Glass painting, String Art, Alcohol ink painting to Coffee painting, Resin art to folk arts - Madhubani, Gond, Warli, Pichwai, Kalamkari to name a few.

Founder of V Learn Arena, a learning and sharing platform through which I strive to help people of all age groups - Children and adults to inspire, transform and empower.

Lately, my major goal has been in empowering women. It gives me immense joy as most of my participants have professionally started their own Art studios, Handcasting studios, customizing and selling Handmade products -  learning and sharing the therapeutic power of art and transmitting joy – Motto of V Learn Arena, love to see that being accomplished.

As an artist, I firmly believe in healing power of art. I strive to support and assist people to release their emotions and heal through art for both kids and adults. 

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    • Bengaluru South

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    • Karnataka

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    • Artist

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    • Art and Craft Professional

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    • M.Sc. M.Phil

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Designated as Fevicryl Certified Expert in December 2018.

Successfully Participated and displayed art works that entered in all the 5 renowned records:

1. Guiness World Records - May 2021

2. High Range Book of World Records - March 2021

3. INDIA RECORDS - March 2021

4. Marvelous Book of Records - March 2021

5. Extraordinaire World Records - March 2021

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