Sandeep Jain
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Sandeep Jain


Don’t tell people your Dreams, show them  !
Founder Director of Skytouch Event, Entertainment and E-Academy from Pune,

Mr Sandeepkumar M Jain (Hinged)

the new emerging baron in fashion world truly believes in it,

Glamour and showbiz industry has always appreciated an extra, mile ahead   !
I truly believe, there is lot more talent hidden in today’s youth than they display;
it needs to be identified, redressed-refined-redirected through colloquies and training.
In a recent event curated by my team, The Illusion Fashion Show 2021, held in Pune tithe kai Unne before Covid-19 pandemic, along with my co-correspondent from Mayura Eventments, I realized my journey is miles beyond and multi-dimensional.

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    • Pune

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    • Maharashtra

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    • Managing director

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 Event production and entertainment:


 We are proud to be a leader in a strategic development and production of a board range of Entertainment program and special concept event. This includes fashion show runway show concerts awards program  dance show and ceremony corporate and communication seasonal and retail centre programming from complete event logistics to entertainment aquisition, we can assist with virtually all aspects of ur next special events.




Event consulting:


With over 15 yrs of experience in the special events n entertainment industry we have the knowledge to advice our clients on a wide variety of program, our team has the ability to analyse and develop our clients ideas, assisting in the creations of a multisensory experience. we can develop a cost efficient strategy,that will allow your event to minimize impact and exposure to ur audience.




Event marketing:


We are the link between special events entertainment and e- academy and corporate marketing initiatives. Once we gain complete understanding of our clients goals and objectives, we can create and implement on event marketing program including online branding, digital branding, digital marketing, on side brand activation and promotional drive to retail all programs,




Entertainment solutions Inc can provide virtually or aspects of event management and promotion No matter what size event is


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