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Minakshi  Bhandari


This is story of "AAM SI LADKI" who followed her passion and belief to set an example to the society that if a girl is determined then she will get what she wants. To start with, I was born in a middle class family having 2 sisters and 1 brother. Father was in Govt Job in Agriculture department which required filed duty in remote villages, therefore my initial studies happened in villages only. But looking at my determination and commitment my parents agreed for my higher studies. I was the first girl form my maternal and paternal family to pursue for professional studies. While living in a small village of Rajasthan and being a girl, it was not accepted culture to do higher studies and job etc. All my relatives cursed my parents for allowing me for professional studies and all declared it is just a waste of money and time. But I was determined on my goal and COMPLETED MY CHARTERTED ACCOUNTANCY degree with other ups and downs in family. My father’s salary was the only financial source for the family, I have to earn on my own to pay tution fees. I used to take tutions of small kids in multiple batches. We don’t have any household help, so I have to study after completing all the household work. Due to all this, I hardly get time for my own studies, so I used to study in nights. After completion of C.A. I got an opportunity to appear in a campus interview and got selected also for Job. This was another challenge as posting offered was at Mumbai. This time my parents also set back as how to allow a girl alone to Mumbai who never step out of home other than a day time. Looking at the society in which we live, it would be a worst decision if they allow me to go out of town alone for job. I requested and promised my parents to allow me to go and there would not be any wrong from my side. With few days discussion, sometimes it was hot discussions too, they allowed me to go and live independently in Mumbai and DO THE JOB. Everything was running fine and my parents were looking for a suitable guy for me to get married. and here in Mumbai, I fell in love with an INTERCASTE BOY. This was such a big challenge for me as I knew my parents will never agree for this. Somehow, even if they agree, my relatives and society will never let it happen. Again my crying nights and sad day started. I was named as anti-society element as everything I was doing against the culture and society we live in. My higher studies, my independent job out of the city and now intercaste marriage. With all ups and downs I married to my LOVE and doing JOB till date. I have a baby boy who study in K.G. I. I performed very well in my Job and as on date I am a CHIEF MANAGER in ICICI BANK handling M.P. and GUJARAT in working capital segment. I got various awards and nominations during my job and also got Rajasthan Sahitya Academy award for poetry writing while I was in college. There were various ups and downs and financial crunches in these times but all happened in a desired way with the GRACE OF GOD.

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    • City :
    • Indore City

    • State :
    • Madhya Pradesh

    • Category :
    • Business Woman

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    • minakshi.rrathi@gmail.com

    • Profession:
    • Banking

    • Education
    • Charterted accountant

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 1. Awarded for poetry writing by Rajasthan Sahitya Academy in the year 2005-06.

2. Awarded by INMO group Indore as business leader.

3. Awarded by Rhythem Group Mumbai as Shatakshi woman business leader.

4. Various awards with in organisation for supporting business.

5. Received Gold medal for highest score in school at 10th and 12th std in school.


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 I am a professional working with a reputed organisation and achieved various awards with in organisation for supporting business.


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