Deepa Yadav( Bhartiya)
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Deepa Yadav( Bhartiya)


I am a seasoned professional with good command  on management topics, a corporate coach And leadership coach, having 11 years of work experience as a Director in leading educational institutions. I am Asia’s topmost female leadership award winner and working towards empowerment women and students, so that they too represent theme as a leader, who can bring difference in others lives. I have been awarded as State female leadership citation by Madhya Pradesh (State) Government and winner of Global Teaching Excellence Award 2021. World Women Congress and CMO Asia awarded me with the Award of most powerful female leadership citation 2021. 

I am a Human-Centred Coach for Leaders in Education & Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist, can provide you with the developmental tools to equip you to be able to handle the future success of your small or large organisation. I will help you to get ‘out of your shell’, think ‘out of the box’, and develop a growth mindset.

You can explore different ideas that can be integrated into your leadership style and skills. The goal of leadership coaching is for you to find yourself and how you can create and manage a team that is happy, inspired and focused, to attain the organisation’s goals.

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    • Bhopal

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    • Madhya Pradesh

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    • Academic Skills

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    • Profession:
    • Director

    • Education
    • Business studies from IIM Calcutta & IIM Lucknow Alumna

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Project Details

For Organisations

Human-Centric Leadership Program

Empower Your Team to Lead

I offer a ‘Lunch n’ Learn’ keynote, tailored programs at your workplace or experience online. My signature ‘Human-Centered Leadership’ Program will transform your workplace. Every organization needs are addressed and integrated which are designed to accelerate any team and its staff. Here you will learn…

#1 – Expand Your Leadership Consciousness
#2 – Emotional Intelligence 
#3 – Resilience & Emotional Self-Management
#4 – How to respond under pressure
#5 – Mindset – Unconscious Bias
#6 – Well-being Kit & Future Focus Plan


If you or your team are ready to become a leader that will create sustainable and impactful change, then my Human-Centric Leadershipwill bring the transformation you seek for yourself or your team.



Why Deepa?

Deepa Yadav offers professional coaching for those who feel stuck or not heard, or not included in the workplace. There will be times when an individual may feel a promotion is never going to happen and feel undervalued and become disengaged. Let Deepa's professional coaching help you build on your current skill set to find the brilliance you have to offer. The future of work is a hidden opportunity to enhance your career and build confidence that will create a positive future.

Deepa Yadav’s vision is to provide clients with the opportunity to rediscover themselves. She works with individuals through her ‘Human-Centeric Leadership’ Coaching by developing a professional one-on-one working relationship through weekly coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are different for everyone as everyone has different personalities and leadership styles. Each leader will go through a different leadership coaching process which is tailored to their needs.

Deepa offers professional coaching services suited to organizations, where your management team goes through an intensive Leadership Immersion Program, either here in India or an overseas location, preferred by your company. During the immersion program, the team learns how to work co-operatively by improving their emotional intelligence, enhancing their communication skills, improve their impact and presence and help them become more creative and contribute more of themselves to the team through collaboration.


If you are still concerned whether this program is a fit for you, ask yourself these questions and if you answered YES to one, then this will TRANSFORM your you or your team!

– Are you suffering from workplace conflict?
– You are not sure how to manage your team effectively?
– You are not sure whether you are ‘leadership’ material?
– Am I qualified enough to go for a leadership role?
– I am worried I won’t be employable at my age?



1. Best Director Award

2. State Women Leadership Citation 

3. CMO Asia Women leadership Award

4. World Woman Congress Most powerful female leader citation 

5. Global Teaching Excellence Award.

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Why Work with Human-Centred Coach & Global Educator, Deepa Yadav?

Heart-Centred Coaching offers a powerful tool that individuals can use to increase their potential and realise their responsibilities within the organisation. The success of a company or organisation starts with having a confident leader who knows where they are going. Having a coach like Deepa Yadav will give you access to a safe and personal space where you can voice your concerns and ask for some expert guidance.

Deepa's style of leadership coaching will help you become more aware of yourself, what is your own leadership style, what are your social skills, your visions and innovation.


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